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CHINA Laboratory Worktop Phenolic Resin Countertop For Laboratory Furniture

Model: JH-PR
Usage: Hospital, School, Company, Research Institute
Color: Black, white, gray, green
Customized: Customized
Feature: Chemical Resistance
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  • JH-PR

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Model: JH-PR


Advantage of phenolic resin worktop:

  1. Outstanding performance in resisting water and chemicals.

  2. Offers the best cost performance compared to all other laboratory worktops available.

  3. Contains similar components to Trespa, making it an economical and top alternative.

  4. The most popular choice for lab worktops in both domestic and international markets.

Specification of chemical resistant phenolic resin countertop:

The laboratory phenolic resin countertop is an incredibly durable and environmentally friendly decorative panel.

Made from melamine-treated resin decorative paper and layers of black or brown phenolic resin krafts:

These layers are stacked and compressed with a fluting steel board under high temperature and pressure, resulting in a black core and a surface that is rich in colors, styles, and patterns.

Normal thickness: 12.7/16/19/25mm.

Normal color: light gray, black, dark green.

Customized color is available.

Its marvelous features as follows:

  1. Resistant to water, moisture, and chemicals.

  2. Able to withstand strong acids, bases, and chemical corrosion.

  3. Resistant to abrasion, scratches, and impacts.

  4. Anti-bacterial and easy to clean, with protection against ultraviolet rays.

  5. Can withstand fire, heat, and cigarette burns.

  6. Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, anti-static, and radiation-free.

  7. Extremely durable and resistant to deformation.

  8. Available in various surface finishes and colors.

Overall sizes: Thickness from 12.7mm to 25mm are available colors are depended on clients' requirements

Regular size(unit: Mm):

1220× 1830, 1220× 2440, 1220× 3050

1220× 3660, 1530× 3050, 1530× 3660

Size can be customized.


                                        16mm Light Gray Phenolic Resin Worktop for Client in Sri Lanka

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