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Ductless Steel PP Chemical Clean Air Medicine Storage Cabinet and Cupboard

Material: Steel/PP
Type: Chemical Storage Cabinet
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  • JH-IDS820

  • Glorylab


TypeExterior Size
  Interior Size
FliterShelf CapacityFanABS laminateLEDStorage capacityControl alarm systemMaterial
2(type A)30kg127 inches48 bottles(500ml)1 setall-steel
JH-IDS8212070*800*5101750*708*4502(type D)/187 inches120 bottles(500ml)1 set


JH-IDS8222070*1600*5101750*1510*4502(type D)/1167 inches240 bottles(500ml)1 set


2(type B)/187 inches120 bottles(500ml)1 setPP

Product Characteristics

  • This steel/PP ductless storage cupboard has LCD touch screen, real-time temperature and humidity environment monitoring, phoenix machine monitoring, VOC concentration environment monitoring and integrated alarm system, and through the national right to salty agency issued by the explosion-proof certification;

  • Push-button switch, beautiful design, stable function, long service life.

  • Alarm device: the chemical storage cabinet environmental indicators exceed the set value when the trigger alarm

  • High-efficiency filtration system, according to the particle size selection arrangement distribution, follow the ASTM standard, effective for acidic gases and organic gases, strong adsorption capacity, for particles using high-efficiency HEPA filters, for particles larger than 0.3um, the filtration efficiency of 99.995%.

  • Lock: zinc alloy rotary handle mechanical lock (with padlock).

  • Layer plate: ABS one-time molding open mold tray type layer plate, acid and alkali resistance, height adjustable.

  • Universal wheel: easy to move, a single person can move the cabinet to the designated location, saving time and effort.

  • No need to install piping work, easy to install, exhaust gas is not discharged, new type of environmental protection.

  • The top of the ductless storage cabinet can be equipped with optional filter module system according to the category of chemicals, which can satisfy the storage of many different kinds of chemicals. chemical storage.

  • Efficient Internet of Things (IoT) function makes supervision easier and more convenient.

  • No need to consume air-conditioning energy, high energy saving, no exhaust gas emission, new type of environmental protection.

  • Convenient to move and store nearby, easy to access and improve work efficiency.



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