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High Temperature Resistant Laboratory Aluminum Fume Exhaust Extractor

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  • JH-FE005H


Description of High Temperature Resistant Aluminum Fume Exhaust Extractor:

  • Extractor tube is 75*2mm aluminum tube, the bottom straight tube is 115*115mm aluminum square tube, the fixed seat is 200*200mm, thick 8mm aluminum square plate, strong fastness, thick material, installation is more convenient, and the appearance of the installation of high flatness, smooth, no bump, no deformation.

  • The connecting parts of the hood and the base are aluminum alloy 360°rotating device, sturdy and durable.

  • Diameter: 375mm

  • Hood opening: arch/cup type air collector: made of aluminum alloy, with 360° rotating device to ensure that the hood can be rotated 360°, so as to suck air without dead angle.

  • Joint: Aluminum alloy, can be rotated 360° to adjust the direction, easy to disassemble, reassemble and clean.

  • Joint sealing ring: aluminum alloy.

  • Joint rod: 304 stainless steel.

  • Joint tightening knob: made of copper to ensure that the threads do not slip, embedded stainless steel bearings, and joint connecting rod locking.

  • Airflow regulating valve: manually adjust the external valve knob to control the flow of incoming air.

  • Coverage: length 315 to the fixed frame as the center of the maximum radius of activity can be 2040mm. length 26 meters to the fixed frame as the center of the maximum radius of activity can be 1600mm.

With FCC, CE certification.

Pipe size:

  • We rolled out 2 available length(2600/3150mm) for option according to different needs and site

Total length (mm) A B C D E
3150 1000 550 720 520 250
2600 1000 390 550 450




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