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Laboratory Epoxy Resin Countertop or Worktop for Temperature And Corrosion Resistance

Usage: Hospital, School, Research Institute, Company
Material: Epoxy Resin
Standard Size: 2450x1530mm
Thickness: 16/19/25mm
Transport Package: Wooden Case
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Model: JH-ER


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The regular colour is black, gray and dark green, white,blue etc.

We can make make special colour required by customers.

Advantages of epoxy resin worktop:

1. High temperature resistance:

The epoxy resin worktop will not cause bubble and crack when touching with high temperature in laboratory. It's suitable to be put into fume hoods with flaming electric stove for long time. The  maximum  temperature  it  can withstand is 600ºC.

2. Super ability on chemical resistance within 24 days.

The material is inertia kind and it's with super ability for most of corrosive chemical reagent.

3. Moisture resistance absolutely

It doesn't contain any  paper ingredients. It's  suitable  to be used in medicine  and  biology  laboratory  specially because it can control the growing for bacteria effectively such as SARS.

4. Safe and reliable:

It doesn't container any asbestine ingredients. It will not set free poisonous gas to influence the health of operator because it's not flammable and electric.

5. Durable

Our worktop is with combined body which will not  dropping layer,  expanding and cracking.  The products  can be repaired can recovered when the surface is scratched.

6. High cost performance

The performance  of  our  epoxy resin   worktop  are  almost  same  as  imported products,  but it's  with  low  cost compared  with imported products.

7. Nice appearance

Smooth surface, low reflection of light and easy to be cleaned.

8. Colour

The main colour is black, gray and white.  We can make any colour you specify  if  your  quantity can  reach our requirement.

Processing information:

1. Cutting the epoxy resin worktop as per its required size with diamond knife head of solid stone cutting machine

along with the water spraying system.

2. The edges with shape of curve or chamfer milled by the diamond knife head of deflasher.  Also  knife  head  of

corundum is ok available, but it's lifetime is much shorter than the diamond knife head.

3. Polishing the cutting edge with 80, 120, 220 sand paper one by one., scrubbing  the  polished  mark  of cutting edge with much oil.

4. Polishing the worktop with 3M clean cloth and mineral oil or white oil, then scrubbing the worktop with dry cloth at last.

Site processing:

At site, pls process the worktop as per actual status. We suggest to use the φ100mm diameter diamond knife of

portable saw and water spraying apparatus to make cutting. Also knife head of corundum is also available too, but

t's also with short lifetime.


The epoxy resin worktop should be placed flat,  it can't be used as scaffold or casual station. The  surface  needs

nough protection to avoid being damaged.


The worktop should keep tight with the cabinet connecting on horizontally.

Necessary tools:

Epoxy resin gule

80, 120, 220 sand paper

3M clean cloth

Mineral oil or white oil

Naphtha or solvent


Clean cotton cloth

Small wood club




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