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1 Joint Fume Extraction

3 Arm Fume Exhaust Extractor

304 Stainless Steel faucet

304 Stainless Steel Handle

304 Stainless Steel Hinge

304 Stainless Steel Sink

86 Series Socket

Acid And Alkali Resistant Dustbin

Acid Resistant PP Fume Hood

Acid Storage Cabinet

Adjustable Lab Chair

Adjustable Lab Stool

Affordable Double Faced PP Driprack

Affordable Moderate PP Sink

Aluminium Grab Handle

Aluminum Fume Exhaust Extractor

Aluminum Fume Extraction

Aluminum Fume extraction arm

Aluminum Laboratory Fume Extractor Arm

Aluminum trunking for lab furniture

ANSI Z358 1 double eye wash

Anti-flammable waste bin

Anti-Scratch Laboratory Chair

Anticorrosive Worktop

Antistatic Lab Chair

Antistatic Lab Stool

Antistatic Laboratory Chair

ASHRAE110 2016 Fume Cupboard

ASHRAE110 Fume Hood

Auto Damper for fume hood

Auto Sash System

Auto Valve for Fume Hood

Best Selling Lab stool

Big Laboratory Exhaust Arm

Big Polypropylene Pegboard

Big Polypropylene Sink

Big Size ESD Stool

Bottle Eye Wash

C-frame laboratory furniture

Cable Heating Emergency Shower

CE Certified Chemical Safety Cabinet

CE Certified Flammable Cabinet

Ceiling Mounted aluminum Fume Exhaust Extractor

Ceiling Mounted atomic hood

Ceiling Mounted Emergency Shower

Ceiling Mounted Fume Exhaust Arm

Ceiling Mounted Fume Extractor

Ceiling Mounted Laboratory Fume Exhaust

Ceiling Safety Shower

Ceramic Worktop

Chair for Laboratory Furniture

Cheap double eye wash

Chemical Ductless Storage Cabinet

Chemical Fume Cupboard

Chemical Fume Hood

chemical lab faucet

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Chemical Laboratory Fume Fume Hood

Chemical Laboratory Fume Hood

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Chemical Laboratory Table

Chemical Laboratory Worktop

Chemical Resistance Laboratory Chair

Chemical Resistant Acid Storage Cabinet

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Chemical Resistant Lab sink

Chemical Resistant Storage Cabinet

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Chemical Storage Cabinet

CHINA Convenient Emergency Shower

China Emergency Shower

China eye wash

China Fume Cupboard

CHINA Fume Hood

China Lab Stool

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CHINA Phenolic Resin Worktop

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Clean Room Chair

Cleanroom Chair

Coated Emergency Shower

Cold Water Laboratory

Combination Eye Wash Shower

Combined eye wash shower

Combined Safety Shower

Combustible Safety Storage

Comfortable Sitting Lab Stool

Compact Size Moderate PP Sink

Conductive Lab Chair

JIANGSU JIAHONG LABORATORY EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD is a professional laboratory fittings and fume hood manufacturer from CHINA. Our main business range includes lab faucet,lab sink, laboratory pegboard,lab chair, fume extractor, emergency shower, fume hood,lab storage cabinet,as well as various lab worktops etc.




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