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304 Stainless Steel Laboratory Emergency Shower Room

Model : JH-EW010S
Material :SS 304 Stainless steel
Size: As Drawing
ransport Package: Carton
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  • JH-EW010S

Model: JH-EW010S

Product advantage:

  • The shower room is made of SS304 stainless steel and includes a standard compound eyewasher. 

  • It also has a shrinkage door to prevent wastewater from entering the workplace and causing pollution.

  • An optional flow regulator can adjust the water flow based on the water pressure, effectively preventing secondary injuries caused by excessive water pressure.


1.The design and manufacturing standards used are ANSIZ358.1-2014. 

2.The main material used is SS304, although Q235 or SS316L are optional. 

3. The function of the product is to provide eye wash and rinse capabilities.

4. Working environment temperature should be maintained between 0°C and 55°C.

5.This applies to room temperature, drinking water, or clean water that meets hygienic standards.

6.Nominal pressure is 1.0MPa and working pressure ranges from 0.2MPa to 0.4MPa.

7.The inlet size is available in internal thread 1-1/4". Drainage outlet size: internal thread 1-1/4".

8. Irrigation flow: greater than 75.7L/min.

9.Eye washing flow: greater than 11.4L/min. The eye-washing sprinkler is equipped with a buffer device to prevent secondary eye injuries caused by excessive water flow.

10.Additionally, there is an irrigation sprinkler present. The text appears to be a list of different types of sprinklers, including ABS sprinklers and stainless steel sprinklers.

Drawing of this Emergency Shower Room:


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