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Cable Heating Emergency Shower Eye Wash

Cable heating Integrated emergency shower and eye wash for various laboratory.
Model: JH-EW008
Standard: ANSI Z358.1
Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Colour: Stainless Steel, Yellow,Red, Green
Drawing: as Attached
Transport Package: Carton
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  • JH-EW008

10+ years of manufacturing and exporting experience

Model: JH-EW008

Product advantage:

1. Selection of national 59-1 grade(special grade A)/H63 high quality brass,high cooper content/hardness,less impurities, not easy to deform. 

2. Updated  and modern  CNC  lathes/milling/automatic molding  machines  are adopted,  which enhance the production efficiency, procssing accuracy, as well as production efficiency.

3. The world's most advanced CNC process multi-channel in one time,which ensure the ultra high pecision of the processing size and surface finish.

Available color:

Yellow, red, green,stainless steel or customized.


Cable Heating Emergency Shower and Eyewash is the indoor/outdoor anti-freezing equipment with emergency rescue and primary processing.

The equipment can  be used  in the  range of -40 °C - - 6 5 ±5 0C . It is consist  of 304 stainless steel main pipe, heating cable,temperature controller,air safety controller,alarming setting,water flow control switch,  inner  insulation  layer,  outer  insulation  layer and 304 stainless steel shell.

Cable Heating Emergency  Shower  and  Eyewash  are  manufactured as per standard CE-DIN 12899-UN19608. When  the  liquid  chemical or toxic  substances splash to the staff body, face,eye or fire to staff clothing, Cable  Heating  Emergency  Shower and Eyewash can quickly bring harm to a minimum .It can slow down further infringement of the harmful substances to the body.

The soft  rubber protecting  cup  can  avoid  second  hurt  resulted by colliding eyes when use it urgently.Protecting cup is dust-proof and can be  pulled by  water when  in use.Meanwhile it can reduce the water pressure to avoid hurting eyes.

Executes standards

Standard water pressure:efficient water flow within l second after opened. Single Outlet Eye Wash >6L / MIN, Double Outlet Eye Wash >lOL / MIN.Shower Head >80L / MIN


This equipment has been assembled completely and already set temperature and alarm,etc.Only need to fix the screw and plug in the power supply.



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