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PP Fume Extractor Cost Effective Fume Exhaust Arm for Various Laboratory

Warranty: 3 Years
Type: Ceiling/Wall Mounted
Standard: ISO9001
Material: PP and PVC
Elastic Pipe: Diameter 75/110mm
Color: White pipe, gray joints, white/transpartent hood.
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  1. This product is made from top-quality materials obtained from famous suppliers, resulting in a splendid appearance and high-level performance.

  2. Each shipment undergoes meticulous testing prior to delivery.

Description of laboratory Fume Extractor:

  • Joint: Made of premium grade PP and can rotate 360 degrees, which simplifies the process of disassembly and cleaning.

    Rubber ring: Made of rubber that has been treated to reduce friction. Pipe:

  • Stainless steel bolt: Made of 304 stainless steel.

    Adjustable knob: Made entirely of brass with a stainless steel bearing inside and secured with a center bolt.

  • Air flow controller: A knob-controlled damper for manual air flow adjustment.

  • Transparent hood: Made of clear PC material.

  • A transparent 75mm PVC/PP tube.

  • Swivel Device: The fixed rack serves as the center of this device that allows for 360° movement, with a maximum movement radius of 1600mm.

  • Mounting Bracket: Made of injected-molded plastic, the bracket ensures a secure connection between the mounting panel and the joint.


The device features a white pipe, gray joints, and a white or transparent hood.

Location of Use:

  • The suction exhaust arm is extensively used in various industries, including metal processing, welding, polishing, and thermal oil mist treatment.

  • It is also used for removing peculiar smells, dust, and in the fields of beauty and jewelry making, as well as in schools, labs, and other industries.

Our commitment to producing superior quality products is demonstrated by the use of carefully selected and high-quality materials.



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