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Popular Single Outlet Laboratory Tap For School

Model: WT036A
Lifetime: 500,000 Times
Knob: Single Knobs, High Grade PP Knob
Feature: Reistant to Most Chemicals, UV Fading&Heat
Warranty Time: 3 Years
Service Period: Permanent
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  • WT036A


Product Advantage:

  1. Our product is made from high-quality brass, specifically grade 59-1 or special grade A. This ensures that the brass has a high copper content, making it harder and less prone to deformities. Additionally, it contains fewer impurities.

  2. We have upgraded our production equipment to include modern CNC lathes, milling machines, and automatic molding machines. This not only improves the efficiency of our production process but also enhances the accuracy and overall efficiency of our products.

  3. Our manufacturing process utilizes the most advanced CNC technology, allowing us to achieve ultra-high precision in the size and surface finish of our products.

Description of Laboratory Tap:

Body: The body of our laboratory tap is made from solid brass.

Coating: We use a high-grade matte epoxy powder coating on our taps. This coating is resistant to most chemicals, UV fading, and heat.

Ceramic headwork: The headwork of our tap is made from ceramic and can be turned at a 90° angle. It has a life cycle of 500,000 turns and can withstand a maximum water static pressure of 10 Bar.

Accessory: Our tap comes with a detachable brass serrated nozzle and a splash-controlled water filter attachment.

Handle: The handle of our tap is ergonomic and made from high-grade PP material.

Gooseneck spout: The spout of our tap can swing 360°, providing flexibility and convenience.



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