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Single Outlet Laboratory Faucet For Cup Sink

Product: WT033A
Expected Lifespan: 500,000 Uses
Handle: Single Handle, High Quality PP Handle
Notable Feature: Resistant to Chemicals, UV Fading, and Heat
Warranty: 3 Years
Service Duration: Permanent
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  • WT033A


Advantages of the Product:

1.Utilizes top-notch national 59-1 grade (special grade A)/H63 brass, with high copper content, hardness, and minimal impurities, ensuring durability and resistance to deformation.

2.Incorporates modern and updated CNC lathes/milling/automatic molding machines, which improve production efficiency, processing accuracy, and overall effectiveness.

3.Implements the world's most advanced CNC process, allowing for multi-channel processing in one go, guaranteeing exceptional precision in size and surface finish.

Description of Laboratory Faucet:

Material: Solid brass.

Coating: High-quality matte epoxy powder that is resistant to most chemicals, UV fading, and heat.

Ceramic headwork: Can be turned at a 90° angle, with a lifespan of 500,000 cycles, and can withstand a maximum water static pressure of 10 Bar.

Accessory: Includes a detachable brass serrated nozzle and a water filter attachment to control splashing.

Handle: Ergonomic and made with high-grade PP, ensuring comfortable use.

Gooseneck spout: Allows for a 360° swing.


WT033A D

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